Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Coaching and advising services are most effective in supporting and improving performance of an leader with the benefit of inventory around that person’s strengths, skills and goals.  However successful an individual may be in getting to organizational or personal performance goals, the personal price paid of achievement can be high.  Many leadership positions do not come with environments that offer confidential resources around important aspects of the job such as decision making, emotional self-awareness or problem solving.  These are examples of aspects of emotional intelligence.  Whether considering support for yourself or for a member of your team, finding the right resource and expert to provide services will result in successful changes.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

If you come to Path Forward for this type of expert support, you or your team member will experience:

1. Assessment: 20 – 30 minutes for each inventory

Take on-line inventories, such as the MHS EQ-i v2 (Pat is certified to administer and interpret a variety of EQ-i MHS assessments) and/or the CliftonStrengths Gallup Inventory. Both of these valuable tools take around 20 minutes for administration. That’s where your time stops — and Path Forward takes over. You then receive a detailed report of results, for your EQ-i 2.0 and CliftonStrengths.

2. Review of Results: 1 hour

Engage with a Path Forward team member for 60 minutes/1 hr to look over the results and decide: would it be helpful for me to blend my performance goals at work with these results and set some Path Forward goals?

3. Set Path Forward Goals: 1 hour

Provide your annual or quarterly goals for your employer and develop objectives for supporting your achievement.  Facilitate your ease around getting to the goals your employer has set for you by setting your personal EQ goal or goals.  With the identification of your strengths or talent domains, through the CliftonStrength Inventory, understand more fully, how you can maximize your strengths and dig deep to access talents that that can be developed.

4. Zoom to a Meeting!

Literally — check in with your coach and adviser on Zoom.com for 30 minutes monthly.  This may be Pat Forgey or another Path Forward team member.  You can participate right from your desktop or at a coffee shop on your phone.  Making time to support yourself is important.


Join a Women in Leadership Circles group for additional support, friend-making and networking, to get to your goals. For more information download our winter/spring schedule.