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What We Do

Path Forward offers expertise to start-ups, mid-size and large organizations in organizational development services. Thirty+ years of experience in serving on executive teams in healthcare and social service organizations, with budgets ranging from $20 million to over $200 million, have built expert skills for Path Forward’s founder and CEO, Patricia Forgey MA MBA in organizational development.  Her colleagues in the Path Forward firm, along with a broad network of experts in brand management, graphic design, leadership training, executive search, and strategic planning, comprise a strong infrastructure of organizational development support for your firm, and for you.

Path Forward’s services:


Path Forward experts will evaluate your organization’s needs for and create strategic, business and marketing development plans.  Stay current with the market position of your for profit firm or the branding of your non-profit organization with facile marketing and promotion plans.  Align your operational plan with a strategic performance plan that gives your organization, and you, the strength of a competitive edge with strategic activities that are what your stakeholders want.  Learn More

1:1 Training/Coaching

A Path Forward consultant will train and coach emerging staff talent, managers and leadership in place with evidence based assessment tools and customized plans. Results of the Multi-Health Systems (MHS) well respected instrument, Emotional Intelligence inventory, EQ-i v2, along with the Gallup CliftonStrengths instrument, build baseline information and content for leaders to set Path Forward Goals™ to track successful strategies for performance improvement and life/work balance.

Find out how Path Forward Goals™ can consolidate performance goals for your team members to support not only the requirements of operational activities but facilitate superb outcomes with emotionally intelligent and strengths oriented staff and management.  Arming your staff with information about their emotional intelligence profile will open up opportunities for personal improvement and enhancement of organizational success.   Learn More

Group Training

Incorporate emotional intelligence and strengths assessments as part of a corporate leadership academy in place in your organization to provide input for your team to enhance personal performance goals . A Path Forward Consultant will meet with you to review your current leadership training programming.  Many respected leadership training approaches synch with the development of emotional intelligence, with different terminology.  For example, Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People align with the aspects of emotional intelligence of Self-Awareness, Personal Motivation, Self-Regulation, Empathy and Social Skills.  Baseline assessment of your team members will benefit their appreciation of the current training program and provide immediate rewards as each leader can focus on their own self-improvement as part of the process.

Anticipating changes in the business environment? Contact Path Forward to provide a group training around the Change Styles of your management team to inject important information into your decision making processes.  How you and your management team respond to change can make or break the transition to a new organizational structure, product or service lines or to changes in your market or business environment.  Get ahead of the transition with important information for the whole team.

Seeking a customized approach to support women leaders in your organization?  Refer up to ten women to Path Forward’s Women in Leadership Circles Program™.  Participants attend a Focus Group to provide input about their needs, concerns, and interests around various aspects of leadership.  The group selects topic for training and goal setting. After taking on-line assessments around emotional intelligence and strengths, participants join a monthly one hour meeting schedule for three months.  Each person sets Path Forward Goals™  personal goals around emotional intelligence and maximizing strengths, in a 1:1 session with a Path Forward coach.  The group determines their time of day; Path Forward provides a convenient setting for breakfast or lunch along with customized training for these topics.  Participants can follow-up with 30 minute to 1 hour coaching at their convenience, in person or with Zoom on-line, to further their interests in these topics, with emphasis around their Path Forward Goals™ that include improvement of emotional intelligence behaviors and accessing dominant strengths and talents.   Support women leaders with important tools to succeed in the tall ladder of your for profit organization or in the compressed organizational hierarchy of a small non-profit.  Make it happen!

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Business Writing

Work with a Path Forward consultant to develop one-time or in process templates for executive reporting in marketing publications, annual reports and other corporate documents. Path Forward can provide you regularly scheduled drafts of market and stakeholder focused communications.  Meet with a Path Forward consultant to review your  annual schedule of business writing needs.  We will make your publication deadlines easily without your impacting your schedule.   Learn More