business writing

Business Writing

Writing may seem old fashioned in an era when communicating by tweets dominates the news cycle. However, when something more than a tweet is needed, we are here to help. We assist organizations in the planning and writing of long and short articles for newsletters, web sites, annual reports and other publications where the message needs to resonate with the organization’s constituents, clients, or customers.

We will help  you write:

  • Templates for Executive Updates
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochure content for marketing, promotional, educational pieces

We can edit for you as well; provide us with your lay-out ready draft of your newsletter, brochures, and other publications, and we will fine tune your document for grammar, grade-level expectations and sophistication of message.  We can revise your document quickly and professionally.  Rely on us for what you consider to be a time dump – we love to write and edit!

We keep your content and our writer status for you confidential.  We do have some samples of our work that we consider to be public knowledge around our input.  Go to the samples of Patricia Forgey’s work.  Read an Annual Report – noting the details required – and see her by-line on articles in the referenced newsletters.